Who We Are

We are Rural Community Based Development Initiative Association (RCBDIA)

  • RCBDIA is an Ethiopian NGO committed in sustainable rural development through agricultural and water supply programs.

  • RCBDIA aims to ensure farmer’s food security and improve rural household’s livelihood.

  • Established in February 2006 G.C

    • Registered (Licensed) in July 2007 G.C

      • Registry Number (ACSO) => 0335

Fundamentals (Mission, Vision, Values)

Our Mission

  • Promote efficient and adaptable technologies that will contribute to improve the livelihood of rural communities

  • Reinforce the local government institutions and community based organizations capacity on specific and pragmatic rural development issues

  • Ensure achieved outputs durably maintained and managed by local communities

Our Vision

  • Strive to see capacitated, autonomous and durably food secured rural communities and their local organizations.


  • We value community centered approach to ensure sustainable development

  • We show respect for:

    • Rural communities & their indigenous organizations

    • Our partner organizations

      • By being:

        • Transparent
        • Accountable
        • Truthful and honest
          • In all our:
            • Development dealings
            • Programs or Domain of Intervention of the Association