Component 1: Farmland Protection (SWC) and Fodder Development (Jan 2022-Dec 2024)


  • 21 Kebeles located at 5 Woredas

    • Ofa, Kawo Koysha, Bayre Koysha, Damot Gale and Boloso Sore
    • 97,098 Persons (16184 HH) Benefit
  • Budget allocated: 20,017,143.00 ETB

Objective: Ensure a massive diffusion of improved fodder grasses species

Key strategies:

I) Innovated, introduced and promoted Model:3-steps multiplication process

  • Step 1 : Establishment of Communal Multiplication Sites (CMS)
  • Step 2 : Individual backyard nurseries (BYN)
  • Step 3 : Planting on Soil and water conservation structures (Vegetalized SWC)
    • Allows to supply sufficient vegetative materials to a huge No of households efficiently to meet their dual need
      • Biological SWC measures
      • Animal fodder

II) Scale up strategy : High involvement and ownership (overall management) of

  • Government actors (MoA)
  • Public institutions & Administrative structures (kebele LB, 1 to 10 etc)
  • CBO (iddir etc)

Component 2: Coffee Value Chain Revitalization and Agro-Forestry (Jan 2022-Dec 2024)


  • 23 Kebeles located at 8 cooperatives  in 4 Woredas

  • Boloso Sore, Sodo Zuria, Ofa and Damot Sore 

    • 16,134 persons (2719 HH) benefit
  • Budget allocated: 15,592,100.00 ETB

Key Features:

1) Production aspect: Developing model agroforestry plantations and reinforce farmer’s skills on coffee production

  • Develop highly productive coffee plantations
  • High coffee yields
  • Diversified production and incomes
  • Train and develop a networks of coffee professional farmers
  • Relay => train and diffuse innovative practices
  • Strong collaboration with MOA Coffee, Tea, and spices department

2) Coffee market chain aspect: Structuring the coffee chain through the cooperatives and Union

  • To ensure high and stable prices for farmers
  • Concretes benefits for cooperatives and Union.
  • Support the cooperative and Union and the coffee activities
  • In partnership with the DWFCU and the government (Ministry of Agriculture)
  • Mainly focusing on : quality, traceability, finance, transparency. Organic certification